Post-talk on Jon Meacham

I had heard some pretty negative things about Mr. Meacham before I heard him speak, but I tried to not form an impression based on just things I’ve heard. All in all, I was impressed. He was very charismatic, and it’s obvious why he has been so successful.

I found the “news cycle” very interesting. A decade ago, you would watch the morning news, the twelve o’clock news and the evening news. You didn’t really know what was going on in between then, because CNN was the only major news channel. Today, we have a “news movement”. Our stream of information is a never-ending flow. If we need to know what is going on in the world, we simply get on the internet and pull up our favorite news website.

When Mr. Meacham was asked about what it takes to be a good writer, he said you need to read. I found this particularly interesting because I love to read. I’ve always said that if my psychology and criminal justice career didn’t work out, then I would try my hand at being a journalist.

He also talked about visual rhetoric, after one of us finally built up enough courage to ask him a question. He said that ‘visual rhetoric’ is his new favorite phrase. Of course, he said that images are important. He said that’s it’s the most important part and that they always stressed over the cover of the magazine in particular.

I wish I could have stayed and listened to the rest of the discussion, but I had prior obligations to my flower shop. I really enjoyed the discussion, and I would love for him to come back so we could ask him more questions.


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