The battle of the psychology departments

After reading  Visual Rhetoric and Strategies of Persuasion, I decided I was going to compare AUM’s and OCU’s psychology department webpages. When I was applying for schools, I knew I wanted to be a psychology major. That specific page was often one of the only things I looked at. It was important that the page made a good first impression on me, or I would not have given the university a second thought.

AUM’s psychology department page offered many links to different pages for more information. OCU’s department page, on the other hand, had paragraphs of text and very few links.

AUM’s page is simple. It seems to me that they are trying to keep it uncomplicated and easy to navigate. It would be easy for anyone to use, whether they are prospective students, current students or curious parents. OCU’s page, however, does the opposite. I feel like the whole page is directed to just new students.

AUM’s page is more visually attractive in my opinion. We’ve got our Warhawk mascot at the top of the page, along with our AUM logo. All of our different pages are lined up and clearly labeled. OCU’s page is set up similarly, but it is plainer in my opinion.

I think the text on AUM’s website is larger and more legible. I think that the links AUM provides also makes the text easier to read, because you don’t feel overwhelmed by paragraphs. I don’t like OCU’s lack of information on their page for the psychology department. Their information isn’t as descriptive as AUM’s. However, OCU’s page is very simple and organized. This is a good thing if you already know exactly what you’re looking for when you go to the page.

I think that AUM’s page is more interesting. We have our logo in the background, and on the top of the page. The orange, black and grey work well together. It has color, but not too much. You have to do a lot of reading and scrolling on OCU’s page compared to AUM’s. OCU’s page just seems like it has a lot of writing. OCU also doesn’t offer many links, which makes the page slightly boring. On the other hand, OCU’s page would probably work better for people trying to decide which school to go to.



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