Obsession with hyperlinks?

After reading the origional poems versus the revised poems with the links, I definitely found the revised poems more interesting. They were more interactive, and I think you could tell a lot more from the person by looking at the links. I feel like you could see more into that person’s personality based on what they chose. If they had to make a selection and only link one or two words, you could tell what was important to them based on what they picked to link. The important things were what they want you to know about themselves. You can tell how they want to portrey themselves and how they want you to view them. I feel like adding the links also made the poems seem longer. The links are like extra stanzas in themselves, without needing to be explained. They add detail to the story you are trying to tell. However, it was distracting to read the poems with the links. I would have to stop in the middle of the line to look at the link and then go back to the poem. The link itself is also visually distracting. It messed with the flow of the poem or even the rhyme scheme in some cases. Even though it was distracting, I feel that the poems that included links really told the story of where we’re from more accurately.

One thought on “Obsession with hyperlinks?

  1. I’m with you. I really have enjoyed the linked poems because I somehow got invited in through visual rhetoric–like I could be part of the poem–the author sharing words and images with me made it a more powerful reading experience almost all the time.

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