3 Ways the Brain Creates Meaning – Tom Wujec

Tom Wujec talked about the three ways the brain creates meaning in this Ted talk. Our brains don’t actually see the world how it is. We see things upside down with veins in the way and everything else. It’s a pretty crappy picture. Our brain flips the image so that we can see and comprehend what we’re seeing. In case you don’t know, I’m a psychology major. This is what I like to learn about. In fact, the limbic system is what we studied today in psychology. The specific parts of the brain work together, so one part doesn’t do one specific thing. We make meaning by seeing. That’s why pictures make you pay more attention and why they’re usually in children’s books and textbooks. Images stay in our mind a long time, that’s why it’s important to include them in blog posts to help show your point and make your topic more interesting. You can use a graph or a chart to clarify your information.

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