Web Writing Style Guide

The Web Writing Style Guide would be something good to read if you have never blogged before. It gives some good dos and don’ts. I hate seeing people tYp3 LyK tHi5 on Facebook and Twitter. How much more unprofessional could you get by putting in on your blog? The internet is becoming more and more popular. Newspapers and magazines are being replaced. I think this is a good thing. The article pointed out that links are convenient because you can instantly have information related to a topic instead of having to stop, go to the library, get an encyclopedia and look up what you need.

I loved my Twitter account when I had it. Limiting yourself to 140 characters can be very challenging. I was one of those people that that tweeted multiple times every day. I never really thought of it as a blog though. There’s still a lot of advice in the article that you can use even if you already have an established blog. If you comment on other people’s blogs with intelligent comments, then they are likely to read your blog and comment you back. If you’re desperate to get someone to read your blog and leave comments like “Please read my bloggg!!!!” then you’ll probably be ignored. I would delete the comment, personally. The article also gives good advice about how to deal with spam. You should delete it before your readers see it. They might think that you don’t pay attention to your audience if you don’t manage your comments.  I like WordPress because it puts all your spam comments in a folder together without automatically approving them. I can go through and delete everything that I don’t want to appear on my site. It’s very convenient.


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