Improv Everywhere – Charlie Todd

Improv is defined as “an unplanned expedient, a performance given without planning or preparation.” It is short for improvisation.

Charlie Todd is the founder of and definitely knows what he’s doing. You always hear about the weirdos in New York, especially when you live down South. Well, the tenth annual no pants subway ride just occurred in NY. 3,500 people in New York and 50 other cities worldwide rode the subway in their underwear. The Ted Talk showed people’s reactions with a hidden camera. All I can say is I wish Montgomery had a subway.

Charlie also had an idea which he called “Look Up More”. It was fabulous! It kind of reminded me of the sticky note project we did earlier in the year.

I think our class should wear blue polos and khaki pants and take a fieldtrip to BestBuy, just for kicks. Or we could dress up as Ghost Busters and walk around campus… you know, since we missed the no pants subway ride and all.

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