Calvary Baptist Church by Blakeley Knox

Blakeley is right; many people today do still experience racial segregation. Calvary Baptist Church in Oklahoma City served as a shelter for people who fought against inequality. The church there reminds me a church we have here in Montgomery called Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church. That’s the church where Martin Luther King Jr. was the pastor and where he began the fight against inequality.

I really like “Wade in de Water” as a song choice to describe the church. This is one of the songs I found to use for my own Civil Rights playlist. “Imagine” by John Lennon is a good song in general, because you could relate it to so many different movements. But I’m sure that every African American who was alive in the 1940s and 1950s wished that “the world could live as one” so that they could be treated equally, and could have the right to vote like other American citizens.  I love the Dave Matthews Band, and “Funny the Way It Is” has always been one of my favorites. Humans are diverse, and yet the biological differences that separate the races are very minute. Segregation doesn’t make sense because race is nothing but a social construction.

Good job Blakeley, I enjoyed reading it!




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