An OCU Star: Kristin Chenoweth by Caitlin Swisher

I had never heard of Kristin Chenoweth before I read this, but my first thought is that she’s gorgeous. My second thought is how cool it is that she’s adopted. I love Taylor Swift, and “Mean” is one of my favorite songs by her. If Kristen was bullied in school, I can definitely see how that song would relate to her. She’s famous now, so she really is living in a big ole’ city, while the people who bullied her probably didn’t go very far in life.

I don’t know much about Kristin, but I like her already based off what she believes. I share her thoughts exactly. I don’t think if you have a drink, or dance or cuss that you’re going to hell either. It sounds like she’s been through a lot in her life time with her engagement ending and her mother being diagnosed with cancer. It sounds like she would be a good role model for girls.

Caitlin, it sounds like we have the same taste in music! Thanks for introducing me to Kristin Chenoweth!

One thought on “An OCU Star: Kristin Chenoweth by Caitlin Swisher

  1. Thanks so much! I already loved Kristen before I did this project, but learned so much about her doing research! She’s definitely a great role model. Glad you enjoyed the music too 🙂

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