Black Friday

Did y’all hear about the lady who pepper sprayed Wal-Mart shoppers over a Xbox 360? If not, read this. People get trampled and killed every year on Black Friday, and yet we all go shopping anyways. This year was crazy. My mom, my sister, and I got to Wal-Mart at about 9:00, and the sales started at 10:00. We each waited in line to get our coupons to pick up our items. They had seven motor scooters and my mom was fifth in line to get one for my brother. My sister waited in line for a crockpot. I help my aunt’s spot in the Wii line. At ten o’clock, all heck broke loose. People pushed, shoved and pushed shelves over. It was crazy! We left Wal-Mart around 11:30 and came home to sleep. We got the mall at 4:00 AM and went to what felt like every store. I got home at twelve that afternoon and had to be at work at one.

Me + Black Friday = exhaustion. Thank God I don’t work in retail.


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