This is Maggie.

This is Maggie and my mom. When Maggie was little, we had to bottle feed her every single morning, rain or shine. Even in the snow. We tried to get rid of her once, but she thinks she’s a dog. She’s terrified of other cows. Her potential owners put her in the fenced in pasture with the other cows, and when they got home from work, Maggie was on their back porch with their dogs. Obviously, Maggie didn’t get a new owner. She’s actually very mean now. She’s in love with my dad, and she doesn’t like anybody else to be around him. If we go in my backyard to talk to him, she chases us. I’ve climbed trees, jumped fences and hidden in beds of trucks to get away from her before.

She has quite an attitude. You can see where she broke the fence because she was mad.

My beagle dressed up as Maggie for Halloween.


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