October 5th, 11:15.

Today in class, we went outside to study doors. We had five minutes to choose our door and to observe it using our five senses. The first sense I used was smell. I didn’t actually sniff the door, of course, but standing near it I smelt all sorts of things. There was a rose bush planted right near the door, and I could smell the blooms. I could smell the grass and the soil. Really, it just smells like autumn outside. The next sense I used was sight. Looking at the door, I noticed my own reflection. Shades of green and blue were also reflected back at me, from the grass and the sky. The handicap sticker on the door was the next thing I saw. When I took a step back, I noticed the delicate pink of the roses planted by the entrance, and and dark green of the bush on the other side of the door.  On the other side of the door, there was a wet floor sign. I hope nobody slips and falls. Then, of course, I noticed the trashcan. But I’m not going to dwell on that. There were tiny gnats flying all around me, but you could only see them if you weren’t in the shade. The next sense I used is touch. The stone around the door was rough and kind of felt like sandpaper. The bricks had their own unique texture, like all bricks do. The handle to the door wasn’t smooth, it had ridges. I guess it’s supposed to make the door handle easier to grip. The bush planted next to the entrance was one of the prickly bushes, the kind that hurts if they poke you. The next sense I used was hearing. The first thing I hear was birds singing in the tree right behind me. Somewhere nearby, an air conditioner was humming. I much prefer hearing the birds. I could also hear some of my classmates talking. When my five minutes was up and I was about to leave, a lady opened the door and walked through it. She kind of looked at me like I was crazy, because I was about to take a picture of the door. But the way I see it, she can look at me like I’m crazy all she wants, because she’s the one who missed out on the door and all the secrets it holds.


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