How to Read Like A Writer – A Reflection.

How to Read Like A Writer by Mike Bunn ties in extremely well with Kirby’s Everything Is A Remix videos. Bunn says that when you read like a writer, you are reading to “see how something was constructed so that you can construct something similar yourself. “ Kirby has similar views about borrowing ideas to come up with something new.  Hunter S. Thompson re-typed The Great Gatsby just to get the feel of writing a great novel. Nobody starts out an original.

I’ve never heard of reading like a writer, and I’ve never been taught how to do it. But when you think about it, it makes sense. After all, I’ve been writing and thought if I were going to be the one reading this how would I want it to sound. Like Bunn said, the context matters too. If you’re writing an article about the national debt for a high school economics class to read, you’re not going to word it the same way you would if President Obama himself were going to read it. This isn’t only about the intended audience, but the questions about effective language that Bunn poses. Is the language too formal or too informal?

At the beginning of the article, Mike Bunn talks about opening an essay with a quote. In my middle school writing class, we were taught to make your thesis statement a “hook” to keep your reader more interested. Definitions and quotes were examples the teacher told us to use. I understand that my writing is a little more advanced now than it was when I was thirteen, but the same concept applies. If you wouldn’t want to read it, what makes you think that anyone else would want to read it? If it’s boring to you, imagine how boring it would be to everybody else.

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