The Power of Open – A Reflection.

The Power of Open is all about maximizing creativity. Creative Commons gives you a way to protect your work without using strict copyright laws. I found out something interesting that had never occurred to me (although it should have). Ted talks are published under Creative Commons licenses. (I should have known that, but for some reason I never thought about it.) Creative Commons is all about the spreading of ideas, and so is, so I should have figured it out.

What I like most about the idea of licensing under Creative Commons is that there are options. You can protect your work as much as you like, or have it as free as you like. It’s all up to you, and it’s not complicated to understand.

When I read the story about DJ Vadim, I was surprised to learn that there’s a community remix site called ccMixter.  Who would have thought that they would still be open? It surprises me that they haven’t been sued and shut down. Maybe the reason they haven’t been shut down is because the artists realize that the publicity will make them more money. Like DJ Vadim said, “Music is a conversation, between creators and listeners, each bringing their own experiences to the melting pot.” I’ve never listened to his music before, but I bet I’d like him.

Have you guys seen the video for House of Cards by Radiohead? It’s so cool. And they placed the code for the visual data on Google for free under Creative Commons. This doesn’t really surprise me, because they released their album In Rainbows for public download and let people pay whatever they wanted for it. If more bands and artists were like Radiohead, ideas would be more open and a lot of young artists would blossom and learn a lot more. That also benefited Radiohead because the “pay what you want” method boosted their later retail sales. So you can still make money off your work, even if you license it openly.


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