Right Where You Are Sitting.

From where I’m sitting, I’m noticing things that I didn’t notice before I sat down.

  1. It’s cold in this room. My chair is cold, and my body heat isn’t doing any good.
  2. The guy sitting in front of me has Pennsylvania on the back of his shirt.. I wonder if he’s ever been to Pennsylvania.
  3. The picture hanging on the wall to the left of me is of a cord that is wound up, and it looks like a snake getting ready to strike.
  4. The speakers hanging to either side of the screen both have green lights, but the green light on the left is blinking while the one on the right is not.
  5. There is a sign that says “Please, no food or drinks in this classroom.” Almost all the people in this room have a drink.
  6. There is a monitor hanging over the clock, but I’m not sure if it works because I’ve never seen it turned on. I actually don’t even know if its a television monitor, because it says Gateway. But its huge, and I don’t know how I never noticed it before.
  7. There is a piece of paper containing emergency information hanging by the door, and one of the corners is not taped down. Its beginning to bother me, now that I noticed it. Maybe I have OCD.
  8. There are extra laptops and cords on the tables, because the people keep putting out too many, even though we’ve told them that we only need eight. Plus a lot of people bring their own, so we still have extras.
  9. There’s a second door to the room, which I assume may be to a storage closet. But I’m not sure.
  10. There is another picture on the right wall of people in a room much like this one, tapping away at the keys on computers and looking at the screens. Only the computers are ancient. Maybe whoever is in charge of decorating this room (who I’m sure is not my professor, or the room would be much more colorful) should update their decorations?
These are the things I noticed.

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