Before my honors comp class at AUM, I had never blogged before. Myspace and Facebook were never blogs to me; they were just social networking sites where I kept up with friends. Twitter doesn’t really count as a blog either, since each post can only be 140 characters. Needless to say, the idea of blogging kind of intimidated me. I had no idea what to choose as my url or what to name my blog, because I didn’t really know what my blog was going to be about and what my main focuses were going to be.

To be honest, I still don’t really know what the main focus of my blog is. For now, I’m mainly posting school assignments. But I hope that I find a topic that I feel strongly enough about to continue to post, even after my writing class is over. So far, I like everything about blogging. I like how it’s informal (I can use contractions, which was a strict no-no in my high school writing classes!) I can write that way I actually speak, without feeling self-conscious. One of the things I like about the internet is that nobody can put a name or a face to your blog. (Of course, my professor and my classmates know who I am.. as well as my favorite pizza and ice cream, and other random facts) But anybody else out there who may happen to be reading this can’t judge me personally because of it. You can’t be judgmental and not read the blog because the author has red hair or brown eyes, because you don’t know what the author looks like. Blogging opens up a lot of freedoms and makes writing more personal and comfortable.

For me, having this blog has been a good thing. If nothing else, it is getting me more comfortable with sharing my ideas and with my writing.

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