“Living Like Weasels” – A Reflection.

To say that I was confused when I first started reading “Living Like Weasels” is an understatement. After the second or third time I read a sentence and failed to comprehend it, I decided to read the Writing Spaces article by Gita DasBender. I was immediately glad I decided to read the article, because DasBender said that critical thinking can make you “feel like a stranger in a strange land.” Suddenly, I felt better about being confused by Annie Dillard’s work. Using DasBender’s article as a guide, I went back and reread “Living Like Weasels.”  I stopped after every phrase to make sure I understood her meaning. I thought more about Dillard’s important points and quotes from the work. Doing those things helped me to create my own personal response to the essay.

The work that first intimidated me began to annoy me once I understood it. Why would people want to be like animals, and live only off instinct? We were created differently for a reason. In my personal opinion, there is a solid blueprint for how we should live our lives. It’s called the Bible. I’m a firm believer that following your instincts is a good thing, because it often keeps us out of danger and bad situations. But saying that you wish to be animal-like is just absurd. (And of all animals, she chooses a weasel. Couldn’t she have picked something more beautiful or majestic?) As far as not remembering our experiences go, that means forgetting the good as well as the bad. We remember things so that we learn from our mistakes and history doesn’t repeat itself. But we also remember things for the good in them. The reason that humans are more sophisticated than other animals is because they can remember the choices they makes, and learn to cope with the bad ones, just like they enjoy the good ones.

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