I work in a flower shop, and we have a lot of people compliment the arrangements we make. But to me, what’s so pretty about cut flowers in a vase? They’ve been cut off from their source of life. Their roots are somewhere else. I much prefer wildflowers. They don’t have to be perfectly arranged and have a matching ribbon to be beautiful. Nobody weeds them or waters them, yet they still stand tall and strong. They survive frost, rain and drought. They often grow from nothing but dust and still bloom beautify.  You don’t have to let them sit in food coloring to give them brilliant colors. They grow thick and stick together. All the varieties intertwine, they don’t show favoritism and they don’t discriminate. Wildflowers grow late into the summer, when other flowers have withered and given up. They grow and reach towards the sun, because it’s what keeps them alive. They grow well, even in inauspicious conditions. They always show perseverance. Wildflowers grow on mountains, thorough rocks and sand. They don’t let barriers stand in their way. After all, how many wildflowers have you seen growing through a crack in a sidewalk? People hustle and bustle all around them, maybe even walk on them, but they still grow. Whether they grow in the wild, or on the walkway of a busy street, wildflowers give off their fragrant aroma. They display their brilliant personalities for everyone to see.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I guess, to me, natural is beautiful. But when you think about it, people are a lot like wildflowers. So, do you have any of the characteristics of a wildflower?

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